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May 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
in the united states. take a look at one bite of sean's interview. >> reverend jeremiah wright has this box with an email, with an offer to buy his silence from a close confidante of the president, eric whittaker. he didn't name him in the book, but he mentioned that in the tapes. moving on from that because we played that, if you ask if obama knew that whittaker offered the money. he doesn't give the answer i would suspect. but here's what he said. >>. >> that's a long meeting. >> yeah. >> was he aware that eric whittaker had offered you -- >> no? >> klein didn't come out of a swamp. he is the editor of the new york times magazine, but it's suffering a total blackout in the press. is that correct? >> of course it's news and should be covered. and does it surprise you that nbc, abc, cbs haven't said a word about this book? look, here's the narrative from now until election day. if it advances obam ait will be covered. if it hurts him in any way, it's going to be spiked. consider this -- when bush ran for re-election, there were a slew of books that came out against him. they were all over t
FOX News
May 23, 2012 6:00pm PDT
you have gone on "60 minutes" after the slaughter of 3,000 americans and say, the united states and their policies were an accessory to what happened? i have the tape -- i can show the tape. let's roll it. >> i wouldn't say that the united states deserved what happened. but the united states' policies were an accessory to the crime that happened. >> you can say we are an accessory? >> yes. >> how? because we have been accessory to a lot of innocent lives... dying in the world. in fact, in the most direct sense, osama bin laden is made in the usa. >> sean: osama bin laden -- you are blaming us?! with that statement? you are blaming america! for the 3,000 dead americans. >> sean, i regret saying that. you know, we need to -- i offer forgiveness and ask to be forgiven. >> sean: why have you never said that? >> i have. i have said that. >> sean: i have never said that. >> i said that on cnn. i did say that was a devastating thing to say and i am sorry for having said that. >> sean: i appreciate that. >> again, the thing that has caused this is our common enemy, extremism. we have to
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May 7, 2012 6:00pm PDT
session, i believe that he is going to sign a series of treats that will bind the united states hand in foot for decades and get them ratified by the lame duck senate. one of them is coming up for ratification the in june. it's called the lost, united states is obliged to share half of the oil royals up to 200 miles with a new u.n. based sea bed authority. which will distribute the money to 160 nations. >> sean: i read this in the book. why isn't anybody stepping up and say what you say in this book. >> all of these have a fig leaf. oh, freedom of the seas. point that the united states navy does a very good job of guaranteeing that. >> sean: that is our territorial waters? >> in this treaty it provides that the sea bed authority may take action to prevent pollution of the ocean. pollution includes thermal pollution. this authority could ban carbon emissions in the united states so we don't heat up the ocean. by the way, i ought to note the republicans that are going to be leading the fight for this treaty is richard lugar. the reason they are ratifying in june and not today, if he di
FOX News
May 7, 2012 9:00pm EDT
will be doing tomorrow. >>> that is why i'm running again for president of united states! >> sean: joining me now is reaction of the author of a brand-new book, "called" screwed author dick morris. >> sean: it's not about the campaign in many ways it is. i thought robert deniro had a pretty good line i think he is going to do better the next four years. let's look at these pictures. compare this empty, look at this. floor is empty, as well. let me compare that to 2010. you soo can see on the left side of the screen, the place is packed. look at that. is that not a big indicator in and of itself. >> it's been a huge change in the last four weeks in president obama's image. he was always in trouble now, its disaster. the reason it is a disaster he has lost the one thing that was holding him up, personal popularity. i just did a poll in michigan of 500 likely voters. normally you pass polls in other states. his personal favorability was 01-15 points above but now it's even. people have stopped liking him. the kind of speech making is not presidential. it's not dignified. it's not what the presid
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May 2, 2012 12:00am EDT
. >> 10 years ago, the united states and our allies went to war to make sure that al qaeda could never again use this country to launch attacks against us. despite initial success, for a number of reasons, this war has taken longer than most anticipated. in 20 02, osama bin laden and his lieutenants established safe haven across the bordener pakistan. america spent nearly 8 years fighting a different war in iraq. and al al qaeda's extremist alls have waged a brutal insurgency. but over the last 3 years, the tide has turned. we broke the taliban's momentum. we built strong afghan security forces. we devastated al qaeda's leadership, taking out over 20 of their top 30 leaders. one year ago, from a base here in afghanistan, our troops launched the operation that killed osama bin laden. >> sean: here with reaction to the surprise presidential trip, a former bush adviser, karl rove. welcome back, sir. >> thank you, sean. thanks for having me. >> sean: i don't have a problem with the president going to afghanistan. i don't want to talk about his -- his trip in terms of politics. but his ad a
FOX News
May 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
they are incapable for standing up for allys of the united states. i will be joined by former secretary donald rumsfeld. the doctor ran a vaccination program and held the cia to verify that obama was in fact at the compound in pakistan. that's why they believe he is being held because i assisted the united states. but according to the judgment that was obtained by fox news, he is provided for providing financial and medical assistance to a militant group. his family, they are not buying it. his brother told fox news the blame has been placed on my brother because of america. we should get justice and protection. and a state department's smokes man was asked about the brother's claim. listen to the response. >> i'm not sure they have approached us requesting assistance, other than raising it very publicly as we have done via secretary of clinton, you know, and raising it consistently in our meetings with pakistani government officials, it's unclear to me what else we could do for his case. about we take it very seriously. the secretary is very clear in her remarks saying that there is not any b
FOX News
May 22, 2012 9:00pm PDT
not to take a position on a controversial issue. he was a united states senator for 4 years, two of which he spent running for president. we would be remiss if we didn't mention he was a best-selling author, where he admitted to doing drugs and drinking regularly and doing drugs enthusiastically. but he doesn't want the voters to focus on that. he would rather try to discredit his rival's hearty credentials. mitt romney, head of bain capital which helped to create hundreds of companies. and romney was called on to save the 2002 winter olympics in salt lake city and he went on to serve as the governor of massachusetts. as president obama, i don't think this would be the battle i would be rage waging with mitt romney. joining me is stuart varny and co-host of "the five," dana perino. [chuckles] >> go on. >> sean: we are tough on you. >> i don't understand mind. >> sean: the job as the president -- he goes into class warfare. >> he does. impoliceent in the comments yesterday in the press conference and the campaign is that if you elect a president romney, then all of the things that people who
FOX News
May 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the united states safe for 10 years, even if it's torture, it's probably worth doing. >> sean: in other words, because we save lives. deborah, your brother was the pilot of the american airlines flight that went into the pentagon. >> correct. >> sean: you are one of the family members, you lost a loved one that day. on 9/11. now we are going to talk to mr. rodriguez later. you know, he said that was foremost in his mind and the threat of a second wave, a third wave, something i remember colonel north said that very day on september 11 when i brewed you. what are your thoughts on all of this? >> my brother was an f-4 carrier-based fighter pilot who was waterboarded. he called it p.o.w. school. five of the pilots were exmilitary pilots and four of them might have been waterboarded as well. when i read the so-called torture memos describing the enhanced interrogation program, i wept because this administration gave our play book to the enemy. and i believe that the enhanced interrogation program, not only worked. i know that the holder of justice department thinks it works too because they descr
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May 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. they will not drive out the voices of the american people when i am president of the united states. >> we have to take action on both ends of pennsylvania avenue ban the influence of lobbyists, to do our work openly, to give our people the government they deserve. because the more transparency we can give to washington the less likely the less likely it will be run by special interests. going forward the democratic national committees will uphold the same standards. we will not take a dime from washington lobbyists or special interests. we are going to change how washington works. they will not fund my party. they will not run our white house. >> sean: the lobbyists, cut the deficit in half, blah, blah, blah. if. >> in screwed we turn up the particular lobbyists that have visited the white house 19 times. his name is dick gephardt. he used to be the minority leader of the house of representatives. democratic floor leader. he made his reputation of opposing china and nafta and opposing china getting into the world trade association. now, he works with a company that american subsidiary that had an amer
FOX News
Apr 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. that ad is beyond the pale. i don't think there is anybody in the united states that really believes that mitt romney wouldn't have gone after osama bin laden. to compound the felony in that ad, that is the ad that has clinton's voice over. yeah, then by the way let's understand the reason the clinton did a votesover said obama agreed to raise money to help pay off hillary's debt. when you do an ad you have an announcer voice pay the guy $500. clinton is getting about $2 million for it. >> sean: let me get to one the points. >> that bill clinton passed up three opportunities to get osama bin laden. one because had a clear shot and would have killed him but he said no because of collateral damage. another one he said there was no order for him because he was not yet under indictment in the united states. for clinton to be saying this is absurd. >> sean: first of all, the guy that was involved and enhanced interrogation programs and ran them coming on right after you. interestingly, these are the interrogation programs that president obama opposed just like rendition sites where we got
FOX News
May 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
romney? >> well, there is no question about it, sean, what the president of the united states just did was take a 14,000-mile round trip to afghanistan basically to put a partisan gloss on what was a national victory and to do something of an end zone dance to revive the issue of the heroism of seal team 6 and use it for partisan advantage. it was crass. it was exploit eightive and i think it's going to backfire because it was so transparent. >> sean: look at this -- how powerful this ad is. he has had a former joint chiefs come out against him. many navy seals. heroes don't seek credit. heroes don't spike the football. heroes don't advertise acts of valor. the cover of the "new york post" says cabub, obama spikes bin laden football. now, obama said back a year ago, he wasn't up for re-election then. remember, in the context, we can't incite the arab world or the islamic world by showing pictures of bin laden. here's what -- you know, the president said back then about not spiking the football. >> we don't try to -- trot out this stuff as trophies. you know, the fact of the matter is,
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May 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
potentially become the president of the united states and be seen as that by the american people. whoever is elected, i hope it will be me, but you have to make sure the person who is vice president, number two in line is a person of capacity that could lead the country if necessary. that is the most important. the process, you're right, it's being led by my former chief of staff, beth myers. she is carrying out in a way that i think is professional and thorough. as for the people we may be considering. >> sean: top secret. can i ask if you have a short list? >> i've got nothing for you on vp front. >> sean: i'm trying to make news here. let me ask the president said after we got bin laden he wasn't going to spike the football. then they ran the ad questioning what you would do. what is your reaction to that especially in light the president opposed the very intelligence gathering methods, rendition, black sites, gitmo that led to getting bin laden? >> i don't begrudge the president being able to describe his role in getting osama bin laden. i congratulated him at the time. i acknowledged
FOX News
May 26, 2012 2:00am PDT
of the united states of america. it's a big job, as you know. so if it were me, i would look for someone to complement those skills that i naturally bring to the job. >> okay. so if it were you, which one would you choose -- to put ow the spot? >> of those three? >> yes. i would choose lieutenant colonel west ow out of florida. he wasn't one of the three. if it were me. >> you started with applause immediately. how come? >> he is one of the few guy who is gets it. a couple of weeks ago about the progressive caucus, 100% right. i was going to make a comment. paul ryan in that clip, i don't remember whether it was before or after, made a statement, the fight in the country right now is between modern liberalism and classic liberalism. the fight is not left to right. the scale is not left to right. it is anarchy versus totalitarianism. >> he's paying attention. but on the list, frank, of the three, i would pick representative paul ryan. number 1 -- >> you agree or disagree? >> representative paul ryan, here's why because his budget guru skills. i mean, he understands the budget process. i t
FOX News
May 11, 2012 6:00pm PDT
't get to be president of the united states without everybody the clinton campaign, the edwards campaign, everybody looking under the hood and trying to expos anything they can find. >> the media asked him one time about bill ayers. >> if you don't think bill and hillary clinton in 2008 would have dished stuff out there. >> sean: the clinton campaign was backdooring me because they were happy i was doing the vetting everybody would ignore. interesting. >> tells you there are opponents out there that would have done it if they had something. they don't. >> sean: they were afraid to. there is a long story there. but guys, good to see you. tucker, you have a mission. >> i do? >> sean: and coming up, time magazine's latest issue features a 26-year-old brother breast feeding her nearly 4-year-old son right there on the cover for all the world to see. we will debate the controversial image. howard dean and al sharpton take politics to a new low. much more, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] capri sun has 25% less sugar than leading regar juice drinks. because less sugar is a better way to fly.
FOX News
May 17, 2012 9:00pm PDT
man with his finger on the nuclear trigger. >> that's what being the president of the united states means. >> that's right. >> and that's why there is so much hatred. >> well, you say that now, but you are elected and you are in that circle. youit is in the war room and watch. that's when justice has been done. that's a professional hit. that's an assassination. >> he said that in the living room? >> no, i am saying that to you now. hey! you sit in your war room with hillary and michelle and whoever else and watch with the cameras on the helmet of the navy seals, that's a professional hit! could it be that you don't want him telling what he knows. why -- why murder? that's not justice! that's murder. >> assassination. >> assassination. that is not the barack -- and that's know the barack i knew. that's not the barack i knew across the years, before he got political asspirations. >> sean: again, that's not the same barack. but more importantly, what does this reveal about the president's views on race? what was he trying to communicate there? you were there with him? >> it was pretty
FOX News
May 14, 2012 6:00pm PDT
he takes credit for saving, has 220,000 employees worldwide. 160,000 not in the united states. general electric, whose head, jeffrey emelt, is head of the jobs of competitiveness has employees and 54% of them live and work outside of the united states. and other thing ge and gm have in common, and we documented in "screwed," we paid zero in taxes, each of them. >> we are going to get into the issue of the attack on wall street and the hypocrisy in a second. you talk about the anatomy of a smear campaign, and the argument that mitt romney in 1965, the media is obviously in the president's pocket. you know, i call it the suck up to the media, i want another interview media, obamamania media. it's all the same because they all want access to the white house and the president. i don't want any access and i think that distinguishes their show. ed klein also has a look out, and i spoke to him today. he got an interview for three and a half hours. he's sending me the entire audio to interview with reverend wright and he said reverend wright claims that they tried to buy his silence b
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 75 (some duplicates have been removed)